A core philosophy within Group GRD is the work to give principle, with 10% of all profits donated to charitable projects aiming to help communities both locally and internationally.

Every business within the group donates 10% of their profits generated each year; to initiatives it wishes to support and help grow. Allowing the group to sustain a diverse and international array of charities, programs and activities which provide vital humanitarian resources for those in need. Initiatives supported by the group include women’s shelters, children’s orphanages, education programs in developing countries and the feeding of school aged children.

In the United Kingdom Group GRD supports Fashion 4 Food, which aims to feed vulnerable school children by supporting school breakfast initiatives across the country; which work to ensure every school child is given the opportunity to thrive.

Whilst in India Group GRD have built community initiatives which aim to educate 250,000 school aged children who would otherwise be unable to attend school or receive an good education.